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Website Subscription Service:

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My name is Barbi Larkins. I am the founder of Be Online.

Recently, while designing a website for an event, I became aware of a need in the web design market. Despite my diligent searching, I was unable to find anyone who offered month-to-month website hosting that fit a short term need – like an event.

After my eyes were opened to the lack of a monthly service for website management, I realized this need covered much more than just events. I knew that many people who needed a new website were starting new businesses or trying to monetize their hobbies.  These were people – perhaps like you – who did not have the time or the skills to build and manage their own website, much less the funds to hire a professional web designer to do it for them. 

What could I do to make websites more accessible to the people who need them? 

At Be Online, we don’t ask for your money up front. We work with you in partnership over time to build the website you need. We give you the level of service you need at a price that will fit in your monthly budget. 

I’ll be honest. While I’ve been creating websites for almost as long as websites have existed, Be Online is a new business too. But we think we’re onto something good, and I would love for you to be a part of it.

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